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RunnerStone provides accurate and unbiased information on energy policy, regulation, and markets.


We turn data into




Information Services


Trusted Guidance for a Changing Energy Landscape.

Energy underpins modern society. Energy is Power.

Change energy, change the world.

Policy Analysis
  • Issue Brief

  • Bill Analysis

  • Impact Analysis

  • Prepared Testimony

We'll read the full bill, and tell you what the bill does and how it impacts your constituents in real world ways: dollars, cents, carbon, and access. We'll point out which provisions are harmful to your constituents, and which aren't. We'll compliment your lawyer's legal review by quantifying real world impacts.

Regulatory Services
  • Case filing review

  • Impact analysis

  • Issue briefs

  • Prepared comments

  • Prepared testimony

Electric regulation is the ultimate away game. If you're not playing, you're already losing. We can dive through the thousands of pages of regulatory filings and pull out what's important to you. We'll transform workpapers into calculated impacts that mean something to you. We'll find issues no one else does, support your legal arguments with data, and we're comfortable on the stand.

Stakeholder Support
  • Presentations

  • Policy Maker

  • Briefings

  • Media Response

  • Communication Support

Gain confidence in your position and decisions with accurate information. Our information products are designed to educate, and questions are a natural response. We'll be available to your important stakeholders, whether for a sit-down with a policymaker or a call with your constituents.


About Us

We do the work.

First things first. We’re not a team of regulatory analysts that only do regulatory analysis. We’re not borne of the system. We’ve grown from, and we’re backed by, a team of energy engineers working on real world issues every day, with real businesses, saving real money. We’re in mechanical rooms and we’re in conference rooms. When the policy or regulatory change comes through, we’re working directly with the outcomes. We’re here by your invitation - we started answering questions on energy policy and regulation and just never stopped.  

We formed Runnerstone because policymakers, regulators, and influencers need access to accurate, unbiased information on energy, too. And we see what you might see – a rich confluence of technological, economic, legal, and political change centered around how we generate, use, distribute, and store energy. The world will never be the same as it is now. Let's make informed decisions on how we're moving it forward.


So what’s with the name? Early industrial mills were economic engines for their communities, processing raw material into refined goods by harnessing distributed energy. In grain mills, that energy turned the runner stone, a grooved stone disc, against the bed stone, a stationary stone disc. Grain between the stones was ground to flour. This is analogous to what we’re doing for you – we take mountains of data, reems of regulatory filings, and endless acronyms, and we grind it down to information you can use.

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Worthington, Ohio

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